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The siren blaring in the background has awoken you. You open your eyes slowly, in a somewhat confused state. Your worst nightmares are confirmed as you stare at the lifeless body of an astronaut above your head.

This was a mission of a lifetime. You had trained your whole life for this and now, here you are a million miles away from civilisation. Communication with ground control is down, so you won’t get any help from them unless you can get the system working again. Still in shock, you round up the team. You have trained for this very moment, but now, panic stricken, you are struggling to remember what you need to do. In your disorientated state, you notice the oxygen levels dropping. Dropping at a rate that makes your stomach churn. You have just 60 minutes of oxygen left. You are the only hope to save yourself and the team.

In any room you can have from 2 to 6 players.

Number of players     Price    Duration
      2 Players     £21 pp    one hour
      3 Players     £18 pp    one hour
      4 Players     £17 pp    one hour
     5/6 Players     £16 pp    one hour


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Deborah Harris

Just done this room with a group of work friends . It was my first time in an escape room and I didn’t know what to expect .... it was great , such fun, and we had to think and work together which was lovely . Dan and Karma were really helpful and kept us going with just enough clues when we were struggling.... a really fun way to pass a couple of hours !


A group of 22 of us went as part of our team social. Everyone had a great time, were challenged and taken out of their comfort zones. Our group was mixed male/female and between the ages of 16-45 and it was perfect for everyone, can't recommend enough!


I honestly can't recommend Locked in Games enough. From meeting them you can tell this is their passion and they love doing it and it really comes through in the rooms. They all look absolutely amazing and challenge you in so many different ways.

Bethany Rose

Bradford, United Kingdom

Second time visiting here.. can’t wait to come back! Something different to do and is honestly such good fun. We will be back to do the rest of the games!

Dan Kalow

The Challenge was not easy (for me at least) but it was entertaining, I went with my team and had a great time.

Karen Hemson

We were back at Locked In for the 4th time and can’t wait to go back again soon. The rooms are fabulous and the staff (both on the day and dealing with any questions beforehand on the phone) are a real credit. It’s our 8 year olds favourite thing to do. Can’t recommend highly enough

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