Select Your Ultimate Adventure: Six Thrilling Escape Room Experiences Await


Escape rooms are the perfect choice for your next corporate event. With six immersive games to choose from, there is plenty to keep the whole team entertained.
Meeting rooms, breakfast, lunch and free parking catered for.
Thrills and excitement - guaranteed.


Pick Your Team

For a successful escape, choose a team of between two and six players. When assembling your team, choose friends who can navigate a maze without getting lost in their own living room. The friends that always have a Plan B - because you'll never know when you'll need unconventional problem-solving skills.

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Immerse yourself in one of our six movie style escape rooms, where heart pounding challenges and high stakes decision making awaiting every turn.
We have six awesome experiences to choose from, so escape from reality and let the adventures begin.

Play The Game

Imagine willingly locking yourself in a room for 60 minutes with a bunch of puzzles and challenging riddles, just so you can prove to yourself that you're excellent at escaping from imaginary peril. It's like a real-life video game, except the only power ups you get are the feelings of euphoria for finding a key under a rock.


Read What Our Customers Are Saying


Escape Hunt

Went today with colleagues from work and played Locked In Space. Very enjoyable room, we played as a 6 and everyone felt involved which can sometimes be a challenge for a bigger group. I'd be more than happy to go back and try out some of the other rooms.

Clue HQ Harrogate

Great fun had at Locked In games in Leeds. Family of 4 playing Chocolocked. Great theming, and good mix of puzzles. We escaped only about be a minute on the clock, so nicely tense at the end.

Elizabeth F

Really good fun gets your mind ticking.Had a great afternoon at the escape rooms with my work. My colleagues and I were split into 3 teams so had 3 different rooms to go into. Don't want to spoil the rooms and what they were like but it was really fun and interactive.

Rowan O

Came here with work and had a great time! It was a great setting for our morning of presentations and the escape game afterwards was brilliant! Such friendly staff 🙂


Had a great time at Locked In Games. My team did the kiss of death escape room and it was a really fun experience, but also quite challenging!


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