The Dragon Throne - COMING SOON!

The Dragon's Throne. - 1

Based on the "moving and wonderful" novel The Fragrant Concubine by the exceptionally talented Melissa Addey.

18th century Kashgar. Hidligh has only ever wanted safety and a full belly. On the street and living hand-to-mouth, the beautiful young woman is rapidly running out of any options. So when she’s abducted by a noblewoman, she has little choice but to agree to the deal she’s offered: pose as a concubine to the Emperor of China and act as a spy.
Reaching the Forbidden City and working hard to win over her eunuchs and the other concubines, she succeeds in gaining the monarch’s affections. But as her shadowy “benefactor” loses patience, Hidligh finds herself entangled in a deadly web of vengeance and assassination.
With the fate of the Qing Dynasty hanging in the balance, is the Emperor right to fall in love with Hidligh? Or is his life in danger? And with secrets piling up around her and growing feelings for the Emperor, is Hidligh in too deep?


In any room you can have from 2 to 6 players.

Number of players     Price    Duration
      2 Players     £21 pp   1-1.5 Hours
      3 Players     £19 pp  1-1.5 Hours
      4 Players     £18 pp  1-1.5 Hours
     5/6 Players     £17 pp  1-1.5 Hours


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Escape Hunt

Went today with colleagues from work and played Locked In Space. Very enjoyable room, we played as a 6 and everyone felt involved which can sometimes be a challenge for a bigger group. I'd be more than happy to go back and try out some of the other rooms.

Clue HQ Harrogate

Great fun had at Locked In games in Leeds. Family of 4 playing Chocolocked. Great theming, and good mix of puzzles. We escaped only about be a minute on the clock, so nicely tense at the end.

Elizabeth F

Really good fun gets your mind ticking.Had a great afternoon at the escape rooms with my work. My colleagues and I were split into 3 teams so had 3 different rooms to go into. Don't want to spoil the rooms and what they were like but it was really fun and interactive.

Rowan O

Came here with work and had a great time! It was a great setting for our morning of presentations and the escape game afterwards was brilliant! Such friendly staff 🙂


Had a great time at Locked In Games. My team did the kiss of death escape room and it was a really fun experience, but also quite challenging!