I may be the youngest, but believe me, your escape will be anything but easy. If you are smart, I may let you out. But, without any clues? That, I highly doubt. Beat the clock and solve the mystery. Or risk joining the others trapped, who are now history.

The Puzzler

Keep your cool and stick with me. I will help you find the key. Use your brain, try to be smart. Work together from the start. If you play your cards right, I’ll give you clues. But hurry up, there is no time to lose.

Keeper of Clues

If you find yourself stuck, you’re not out of luck. Ask nicely and you will see. You’ll soon be finding the right key. A clue or hint, I will provide and hopefully you won’t get stuck inside.


Tick, tock goes the clock, can you get out? I think not! With my help, maybe? Prove your worth and I shall see. Will you get out and be free? Or get trapped in time, here with me.

Brain Twister

Listen to me and you’ll see, all is not as it seems. Follow my riddles to guide you through the scene. Some are easy, some are tough. But, when it comes down to it, can you break through the rough? To escape and be free, you must listen to me.